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Claire Blackwell-Smyth

Whether you have a big cycling goal or just want to become a fitter stronger cyclist you won’t find a better coach than Dave. I came to Dave without a clear idea of what I wanted to achieve, only that I wanted to achieve more ‘cycling stuff’. Thanks to Dave I discovered I was much more able than I thought. In just 12 months, I won a medal in the local Hill Climb series, conquered numerous iconic climbs in the UK and Mallorca and completed the Fred Whitton Challenge. There is no way any of these things would have happened if I didn’t have Dave as my coach. (Claire - Aged 54)

Emma Richards

I set myself a goal I wanted to get better at cycling uphill. This is something that Dave has helped me achieve over the past twelve months plus much more.

This year my biggest achievement is that I have completed The Fred Whitton Challenge with a big smile on my face. Something that I would not have been able to do without having Dave as my cycling coach.  

This year I took part in my first ever Hill Climb event, thanks to Dave for believing in me and encouraging me to do it. Something I had never even dreamt of doing.

The accountability and structure of the weekly training plan works very well. Dave is always encouraging, very supportive and understanding.

I am looking forward to the next twelve months, and what can be achieved.


I first experienced Daves coaching sessions during his adhoc evening sessions during the summer 2018. I soon under stood the benefits that following a structured training plan would offer me. I invested in a power meter and enrolled in one of Daves unique training plans.
The plan is built with to develop all aspects of my cycling, being created to maximize the time I'm able to commit to. Each session pushes you to exceed what you have been able to achieve before whilst enjoying cycling.
Dave gives clear regular feedback, encouragement and tips on my progress.
A team ethos is also encouraged amongst other local cyclist that Dave is coaching which only adds to the experience.
The options do not end their with the support of professional bike fit and nutritional advice.


I started with David as my coach about 6 weeks ago. I had been on a training plan already for an upcoming 100 mile ride but I was looking for a more in-depth programme. We got together and discussed my target and he constructed a training plan with this target in mind. After each session we run through what I've done. I know what David is expecting of me from every session and I can see how I am progressing.

I find David very easy to talk to and I know I can contact him with any questions I have. I will be using David to have a bike fit in the very near future and also discuss nutrition with him.


After switching to a vegan diet and struggling with energy levels I didn’t think training to race would ever be a realistic option.

David was so useful, creating nutrition ideas and meal plans; helping to get my energy levels back to follow a formal training plan.

The training plan is always up to date, feedback after sessions and David always replies really quickly!

5/5 would definitely recommend☺️


I didn’t think I needed a coach. I don’t have a lot of time to train and I know how to push myself, but I thought I would give it a go- after a glowing recommendation from a friend.
Dave stuck to the available hours I gave him (5 hours per week) and made them count. My intensity has lowered but I have structure. I’ve improved in every area, including short climbs, my FTP and my ability to repeat hard efforts.
Dave gives loads of feedback and is genuinely motivated to see improvements.
Really happy with my results and would recommend Dave to anyone


Dave is an exemplary coach and will tailor a plan for anyone from a beginner through to a seasoned elite cyclist. If you are looking for more structure and form to your training and are a club rider looking to get fitter or are focusing on a season of racing, all of your requirements will be catered for and I can definitely recommend him. After over 30 years of riding I finally took the plunge in November and within a few months of training, feedback and of course some effort and hard times, he has massively contributed to my own development with approximately 40 watts and a 13% FTP improvement ! So, what is there to loose, you won't regret it, give him a call and he'll outline what can be achieved.

Enjoy !


4 months on a great structured training plan with Dave, helped me to achieve my goal time on the Maratona dles Dolomites race ( last weekend - a massive 30 min improvement (almost 10%) on my 2018 time. Thanks heaps Dave, I wouLdn't have done it without your help, support and advice !!


I started with getting coached by Dave in June 2018. At that time I had a goal of starting racing but as everyone is at the start, I was unsure if I would be fit enough. I contacted Dave through strava and the next day I was on the phone to him. He came across friendly and easy to talk to. We went over what my goals were and after a few tests on the bike he would have an idea of what it would take for me to achieve them. My first FTP test was June 2018, I'm 76kg and my results put me at 260watts. Skip forward to present day. I currently have an FTP of 320w at 76kg. I'm racing now and feeling stronger than ever. Anyone who is wanting to start racing start by getting on Daves program. 

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